Since 1974, TECNOLOGIC has devoted itself to designing, manufacturing and selling a range of high-technology electronic instruments able to meet needs in the industrial processes and automation field where specific management of parameters involved in controlling temperature, counting and timing operation is required. These two decades of activity have been marked by continuous research into innovative systems and constant attention to improving the products in the knowledge of guaranteeing reliability to the market. During the last years, TECNOLOGIC has invested in SMT production techniques, in developing new microprocessor instruments not only for "heating" applications but also for specific "refrigeration" applications, in studying new control algorithms, in producing products with new "look", and in checking that their products comply with international standards. Furthermore, they have begun reorganizing all sectors of the company by starting up a quality improvement project on the basis of the EN ISO 9001 standard whose final aim is certification of the company quality system.

Today, in its new Vigevano plant, with a surface area of about 5.000 m2, Tecnologic is able to ensure top industrial levels in terms of design, development, manufacturing, sales and assistance. Besides carrying out design activities using its own Know-how, the technical division has an equipped laboratory where tests are carried out regarding electromagnetic compatibility and product safety according to the EEC directives. The manufacturing division utilizes an equipped SMT assembly departement with 5 automatic lines, as well as computerized calibration systems, test benches and climatic chambers in order to guarantee suitable manufacturing control. The commercial division has a domestic and foreign sales organization through which it ensures the company's presence in over thirty countries with its own sales agents and a widespread sales network, both able to assist the client in its commercial relations and as regards the technical assistance service. Tecnologic is constantly at the client's disposal with its own independent, dynamic and flexible structure. The Tecnologic manufacturing programme includes the following instruments:

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